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Hey, Joe Dube here.

And if you give me a few minutes of your time I want to tell you exactly what I did to finally overcome failure online.

How I fell flat on my face again and again...

...and then how I finally found a way to work around that failure.  

You’re going to love this because it’s easily repeatable, simple to do, and requires NO experience.


This all starts with a doctor telling me I had lost the vision in my left eye.  

He said the optic nerve was completely dead.   

No reason either..just weird random luck.  One minute I had 2 eyes and the next I had 1 tied behind my back.

I don’t know how many times I bumped into walls or missed the glass while pouring something to drink.

That was awhile ago & I’m able to drive now, so if you don’t like the way I drive stay off the sidewalk!!!

All kidding aside I was acclimating pretty well to my new life but there was one thing that kept on nagging me every day.

It was in the back of my mind but it often made it to the forefront….I had to figure out how to make a living in case I lost the vision in my other eye.

The best thing I thought of was to start my own business.

  • I needed something with very low or no start up costs.
  • No need for employees.
  • No major technical experience.
  • The ability to make me a fast return on my investment
  • And I didn’t want to have to spend every second of my life working on it.

Like many of you out there I tried it all man.

Amazon, blogging, MLM, Ad sense…

I bought expensive tools like Clickfunnels, autoresponders and web hosting…

I bought a bunch of $7 products that all were supposed to make me 10k a day...

Everything that was designed to make me money seemed to do nothing but drain money from my bank account…

Can You Relate?

One night I found myself watching a pretty interesting webinar about building audiences really fast with face book fan pages.

I thought it was really cool because face book fan pages were free to set up and anybody could make one.

So I used the tactics in the webinar and guess what happened?

BOOM!  Success. 

In 3 days I generated over 6,000 likes on my facebook fan page.

It was exhilarating.  After experiencing all those dead ends and all that failure it was a really good feeling to finally win.

What do I do with these 6,000 people who liked my fan page?  

How do I make money with them?

The webinar didn’t go into that little detail.

That was the part that turned into a pitch and it was going to require $1,000 to learn and I didn’t have that kind of money to spend at the time.

So I hit this crazy brick wall.

Ever happen to you?

I was close here.  

I could FEEL it.  

I just didn’t have the knowledge or the experience to know what to do with this fan page to make money.

6k likes on this Facebook Fan Page in 3 days and I had NO IDEA what to do with them to make money.

What I ended up doing was so simple that you’re going to laugh when I tell you.

Before I do though I want to ask you a question...

Have you ever had a breakthrough like that,

thinking you almost have it figured out...only to hit a brick wall?

If you said yes, then you’re not alone.  It’s not just us.  

It is estimated that 99% of all people who try to make money online fail.

And on top of that 90% of them fail within the first 120 days.

120 days!  That’s only 4 months.

It’s crazy.

Why are so many people failing?

You’re always hitting obstacles and you always need to come up with solutions for them.

Enter your text here...

And the more you do it...the easier it gets. 

Enter your text here...

Which brings me back to my story.

Enter your text here...

How did I figure out how to monetize my face book fan page?

You see I didn’t know what I needed to do to monetize my fan page but I have always been taught that if you don’t know the answer to something...know how to find the answer.

So that's exactly what I did.

I went out and scoured the internet looking for face book experts...

It took weeks to gather them!

People who weren't just talking about it but ACTUALLY DOING IT!!! 

I found experts who were really using Facebook and Facebook fan pages to make great money...

...and I interviewed them.

I asked them questions about:

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    Running their successful online businesses
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    Monetizing with Facebook and Fanpages
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    Tips and strategies on internet marketing

I have a Facebook Fan Page with over 6K likes.  I have no idea how to monetize it.


How would YOU monetize it?

And they TOLD 


  • All the angles
  • All the secrets
  • All the ins and outs
  • All the hidden knowledge of Facebook fanpage advertising


When it was all said and done...

 I had a wealth of knowledge on how to expertly monetize this simple fan page

that I put together in only 3 days.

I proudly present the culmination of YEARS OF EXPERIENCE...

How To Build A Massive Audience & Profit Rapidly With FB Fan Pages

Inside The Fan Page Codex you are going to learn not only how to rapidly build a targeted audience using simple facebook fan pages, but also how to monetize those fan pages JUST LIKE THE EXPERTS!

Think about that for a second.  What would it feel like to finally WIN online?

Instead of seeing that RED LIGHT of failure...

you were seeing the GREEN LIGHT of success?

Wouldn’t it be worth the small price that I am asking for this information today

just for the chance that this thing might actually work for you?   

We are talking about real world experience here.


Look What People Are Saying About The Fan Page Codex

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These interviews contain the  fruits of my labor and hard work.  The purely refined RIGHT WAY to do it.

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If you bought The Fan Page Codex

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I know I would...and have.


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In addition to The Fan Page Codex as an ADDED BONUS you are also going to receive:

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All Systems go! Green lights!!!

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 Joe Dube 

 Owner at The Motivated IM Marketer 


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