Soooo… it was 1988 and I was 26 years old (30 years ago).

Life was good, I was dating a beautiful girl that later became my wife.

I had my own business which was a concession stand just outside the door of Pace Membership Warehouse (Sam’s Club bought them out).

I had plenty of cash in my pocket, owned my own house too.

It was mid-July of that year and my parents wanted to go to New Hampshire to celebrate my mother’s sister’s 50th wedding anniversary.

Since I was young and free from many obligations I told them I would drive them.

Off we went to the big celebration!

We had a great time catching up with family that I hadn’t seen in many years.

I was a bit disappointed because I was unable to see my favorite Aunt Lula… she was sick and unable to join us…

Once we got back to Florida something very strange happened.

The day we got back I was weary from all that driving & trying to nap on my parent’s couch.

I was over come by emotion and started crying like a baby!!!

My mother asked what was wrong and I said…

I don’t know but something terrible is going to happen, I don’t know what or when but it’s coming.

Three weeks later my favorite Aunt Lula died, and I had to drive back up to Maine and was a pall bearer at her funeral.

Five weeks after that my brother in-law who was only 2 years older than me got hit by a car and left my sister with 2 boys under 10.

A month after that I was notified that Pace Membership Warehouse was not renewing my lease and I had 30 days to vacate the premises.

It turned out they provided food themselves to their customers instead of allowing me to do it…

Then in December of 1988 my Nana died…

I was a mess… in roughly 5 months’ time I lost 3 family members and my source of income.

I remember calling my older brother Tommy for a little counsel.

You want to know what he said?

Joe, in 10 years you’ll have a whole new set of problems!

I was like…you jerk what am I supposed to do with that?

It turned out he was right, in 10 years I had a whole new set of problems…I had married my sweetie and had 2 toddlers to feed.

You may be asking yourself, why are you telling me this story Dube?

Here’s why, I realized that time is precious…we all have a limited amount of it, so I don’t want to waste it…

This brings me back to present day and what’s going on in my life right now…

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