An unexpected journey…

Hey…have you ever seen that movie the hobbit?

It’s funny because the first movie in that trilogy is called “AN Unexpected Journey”.  I’ve got to tell you that’s exactly how my journey has been these last 6 months!!!

So, you may remember that I launched The Fan Page Codex back on January 6th of this year.

It did very well for my first product…it helped a lot of people.

I got busy on my next launch the following week, I was going to launch a case study because they resonate with most online marketers.

All was good, I created the e-book and started creating the case study of me trying to be profitable with face book ad campaigns of all things.

Well I junked the idea after several hundred dollars lost and a bruised ego.  I decided to leave that stuff to the face book experts and create a different product.

Face book advertising is tricky…it’s almost an art form.

So my next idea was a flop too!!!

I was going to market my e-book by creating a contest.

I thought this would be easy…it can’t be that hard right?


I ate up a bunch more time and money trying to prove it could be done.

Now we’re in mid to late March when I decided to just create a product about something I knew about and did very well.  I decided my next launch would be on Content Creation…

After all, everyone knows content is the life blood of the internet…right?

Well, the product creation was going good and I was getting a lot done and then a tragedy happened in my family…my sister Michelle died in April.

Needless to say that set me back a few weeks for obvious reasons but I kept chugging along creating the finishing touches on the front end product and the OTO’s.

It was fun because I enjoy writing and people enjoy reading my content.  Any way I finally got this baby all done a week ago and I launched it this morning!!!

It’s called The Captivating Content System.

It’s a 5-Step System that teaches you how I write engaging content for my blog, face book profile etc… all my social media platforms.

I break down content creation for you in 5 easy steps so you can create engaging content every time you write a piece of content!!!

The OTO’s are awesome PLR content that I give you the right to use any way you want to…it’s done for you content created by me.

In fact, this was pretty crazy but I saw my content being used this afternoon by a customer of mine,  I started reading this story on his video and I was like…that story sounds familiar!!!

Great stuff…

Listen… The Captivating Content System is on sale right now and each time someone buys it the price goes up.

So go on over to Warrior+ and get your copy now before the discount is gone.


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