That sounds like a pretty obvious statement…right?

One that begs the question…how do I create engaging content to get a responsive online following?

Well, here are a few tips…

First, always find topics that are relevant today in your niche.

If you’re paying attention you will know what the “HOT” topics are being shared etc…

If not search google trends for your niche.


Search tor the top hashtags in your niche on facebook, twitter and instagram.

Get some ideas and read some of the articles.

Next, decide on a topic and write your opinion on the topic.

After all, the reason you’re writing is to create an online following, so they value your opinion.

Make sure you create great headlines, the headline is how you draw the reader into your article.

Sometimes the best headlines are controversial in nature, so don’t be afraid to write about a controversial topic with a catchy headline to draw them in.

Write clearly and with emotion and passion. The best writers are the ones that wear their “heart on their sleeve” and are able to express their innermost feelings to the readers.

If you master this, your list will definitely feel a connection and almost feel like they know who you are. They learn to trust you.

I can’t emphasize this enough, break down all the barriers and bare your heart and soul to the reader.

Your following will love you for it and they will be more loyal and trusting than if you hold back.

Make sure you have a beginning which is where you state the problem you’re writing about.

Next give a little background on the subject and state the facts and your opinion on the topic.

If it’s a controversial topic just pick a side and run with it…it’s no biggie because half the people will agree and the other half will disagree.

Lastly, wrap it up with a solution to the problem that you opened up with, I like to ask at the end for people to give me their feedback in the comments if it’s on FaceBook or my website.

If I write a controversial email or really any email I always offer my list to reply to me with their take or comments on the subject.

I hope my little tips and tricks are helpful so you can build an engaging and responsive online following for your business.

What’s your take on writing engaging content to create an online following?

Let me know in the comments below…

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