I was doing a bit of research the other day and came across a product being sold by an “online marketing guru”.

I was taken back by all the claims he was making about his special report.

I mean you would think he could part the Red Sea the way he hyped himself and his new product…

Supposedly if I bought the product I’d be able to create passive income of $200 a day and it would take only an hour or two to implement.

If I wanted more money all I had to do is rinse and repeat as many times as I wanted to…

I didn’t end up buying that one even though the front-end offer was cheap.

I guess I’m just tired of empty promises from a lot of these guys.

Then I put my product creator/launcher hat on and I almost don’t blame these guys for these crazy claims on their sales pages.

Let’s get real here and cut through all the nonsense…

If product purchasers had realistic expectations about the amount of work and time it takes to make a decent buck online would the product sellers stop the crazy claims?

Or if the product sellers stopped the outrageous claims about their products would the product buyers have more realistic expectations?

My question is who’s to blame?

Who’s first the chicken or the egg,,,right?

Well, I believe there’s enough blame to go around.

I’m a product creator and launcher and I buy products also to educate myself to increase my business revenue.

I have some advice for both groups…

If you are someone that is looking to create a business online and buying products, evaluate what you are wanting to do.

In other words,

First of all, do you want to replace your full-time job or do you just want extra money to pay debt off or for a vacation or something of the sort?

Next, define your super powers and decide you’ll use them in your business.

Don’t worry everyone was born with at least one super power, if you are having trouble figuring yours out ask a friend or your spouse.

Research all the free info out there in your niche, sign up for a few newsletters and digest the information.

If you don’t understand the info that this person has given to you send them an email and see if they respond.

If they don’t respond unsubscribe because that tells you something about them as a business person and as a person.

Set realistic goals and expectations… you’re not going to push a button and make a $1,000 a day by putting in a couple hours of work.

Treat this like a real business, create a schedule for yourself and stick to it. Being consistent and moving your business forward steadily is the key to eventually achieving your goals.

Get advice from others that are just a little further ahead of you, someone in a Facebook group that you’ve joined…you know, someone that you trust.

When buying products manage your expectations and make sure it’s something you really need to move you further ahead in your business.

When the time is right choose a mentor, someone that has a good reputation in some of the groups you follow.

Make sure it’s someone you resonate with, read their blog posts and Facebook posts.

What is their passion?

Can you trust them?

Get referrals from others that are a few steps ahead of you.

Don’t be cheap, pay your coach well.

This coach is going to take their time to coach you and give you the keys to make money online…

Isn’t it worth a couple grand depending on the services provided?

Now for the GURUS…

Stop making false claims about yourself and your products!!!

There are people out here that want to learn and don’t mind spending a little money for a good product that will help them achieve their goals and make them money.

Build TRUST with your customers by making sure the product is top notch.

Focus on over delivering with customer service and give your buyers a great value.

If one of your buyers has some questions, respond to their email and answer their questions, build a long term trusting relationship.

I’ll try my hardest to maintain these standards I’ve written for both groups…

How about you?

Let me know your take in the comments below…

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