For those of you that don’t know what proof of concept means in the internet marketing space.

It’s when you create a product, you need to prove that the product is useful or the system outlined in the product does what you said it would do.

Just a little backstory… In the fall of 2017 I started an online marketing business and I decided that I really needed a coach.

I knew that I had some skills that I had developed over the years that would help me in my business but there was a lot that I didn’t know.

I also knew that there was a ton of information about internet marketing and I needed someone to help me sift and sort through the good and the bad.

I decided it was best for me to learn how to create products and bring them to market so I wasn’t at the mercy of product launchers…always looking for something to promote.

I was going through the process of creating my first product and named it The Fan Page Codex.

In it I teach people how to create a fan page on facebook and I also teach a strategy that puts thousands of fans on their fan page in less than 3 days.

Now this was all well and good, however one thing I didn’t know how to do was how to make money with the fan page.

My coach gave me some great advice, he told me that if I don’t know how to do something I should outsource the experience.

So I found 5 facebook experts to teach me how to monetize the fan page.

I created a Google Hangout for each of them and interviewed these 5 experts. During the interviews they told me how they would monetize a fan page.

I got all 5 interviews completed and brought the product to market, it did pretty well for my first launch, I was happy & I was proud of the work that I did… people really liked it.

They said the teaching was really good and it was great insight getting the facebook experts to give their take on monetization.

The product launch was over and everything was good, I decided to do a case study for my next product launch and to create The Fan Page Codex 2.

My plan was to take some of the information that I got from the 5 facebook experts and Implement what I learned. This turned out to be easier said than done…

The first strategy I chose to implement was a contest. I thought that was the coolest thing, I’d give away something of value and get a lot of people signing up to win the contest. Then all those people will be on my list.

Once they’re on my list I can find out exactly what topics they’re interested in learning about and then provide products for them.

I can create them myself or sell them products that I find on Warrior+, Clickbank or JV Zoo.

So I tried this this contest idea and it completely bombed, it bombed probably for a couple of reasons.

One reason was because you have to have something that has extreme perceived value and then give it away.

It turned out that the prize package I chose didn’t have enough name recognition and nobody entered the contest.

Back to the drawing board…I decided to change tactics because I felt I needed to go with a strategy that I was familiar with and already have done.

What I decided to do is to make a lead magnet about fan pages, creating them, getting fans and a couple of ways to monetize them.

My lead magnet was really good, I created it with an e-book cover and everything.

I created google slides and provided a PDF and then I also provided it in video format too.

I know people really like video because they tend to learn better when they watch video instead of reading.

So I created this lead magnet and a series of emails that went with it to send to my new list.

The lead magnet was completed so I tried my hand at facebook advertising like the experts had told me to do.

Well, I don’t know if you guys have ever done a facebook advertising campaign, but it’s really it’s like an art form.

I created a really good optin page, it looked really clean, it was really good copy, then I created my ad which was congruent with the opt in page.

It just took me a long time…at least 10 days to do all of this correctly.

Well, my facebook ad wasn’t working, I wasn’t getting any opt ins at all!!!

So I asked my coach what his take was on all of this and he said, well Joe I think that maybe this is another lesson that you’re learning.

The facebook ad game is pretty tough and you really have to be able to spend time on it. You really need to work at it.

Again…it’s kind of like an art form.

He said you get to a point where you have to make a decision, ask yourself… are you going to continue with this and put the time in now or are you going to put a pin in it?

Then start creating a product on something that you already know about.

Well, what I decided to do is to put a pin in it.

The product that I decided to create was to teach people how to create content quickly that gets engagement on social media platforms and blogs etc….

That’s where I’m at now, it doesn’t mean that I gave up on The Fan Page Codex 2.

It means that I put it on the back burner for now because I wanted to get a product out to my to my audience and to bring value to them again.

I think that people are going to really benefit from this new product.

So, let me tell you what I learned from this little life/business lesson.

I can still move forward without having to scrap the whole project, just put a pin in that baby.

I have a special appreciation for people that can make money with facebook advertising. It’s a learned skill that I want to master.

When creating a contest, give away something of extreme value so contestants will give their email address for it…always over deliver.

My coach is a very sharp guy letting me fail a bit. He knows I’ll learn more in the long run by learning from my mistakes than if he just tells me I’m not ready to tackle something.

When creating a product make it about something you already know how to do and do well. Proof of concept can eat up a lot of time.

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