This past weekend I finished something that I had only dreamed about.  No, I didn’t go skydiving or spend the weekend on The French Riviera.  Anybody can do those things if you have the guts and the $$$, this was better than that.

If you know anything about me then you know that I’ve been looking for a business to start because I’ve had a few medical setbacks. So, in September I decided to start an online marketing business.

I thought I could pick it up quickly…how hard could it be?  I mean I’ve owned businesses before.  Heck, I used to wholesale Real Estate and buy & sell houses over the phone.

So, I hired a coach at the end of September & got busy doing my homework.  I enjoyed writing blog posts & emails because I love to tell stories, especially about things that I’m passionate about.  But I really struggled with the technical stuff.

Despite the technical stuff I kept moving forward.  Soon, I had a website with posts of personal stories that happened in my life.  People seemed to really like my stories…it was encouraging to resonate with them.  All was good in Dubeland.

I gained more confidence in my abilities until my coach explained the business model to me.  He said the best way to start your business is to do research for a product that is needed. Then create the product and put it up for sale.

I was apprehensive to say the least, I had no idea how or what I was doing.  Coach said don’t worry, he’ll teach me.  I’m always eager to learn but this process meant going way out of my comfort zone.

I got the first couple of modules done in a snap because it was just creating a report on a process I had already done.  But getting FB experts to take time out of their business to let me interview them was a challenge to say the least.

I mean, they were like…who are you Dube?  What have you done in online marketing so far and why should I waste my time? 

These people were brutal, I got rejection after rejection, some didn’t even respond to my emails and messages.  That didn’t stop me though.  I’m like a Rhino… I keep charging forward!!!

Luckily, I figured a way to leverage my coach’s credibility to get a few interviews.  Once I got a couple in the can from some salty veterans I went after the up and comers. 

The interviews were chock full of FB marketing goodness.  Some paid advertising and some organic strategies…it was a good mix of information for my audience.

My PDF report was done, the interviews were done.  I was on schedule for my first launch.  All I needed now was to create the pages on my website.  Oh great, more technical stuff…yay!!!

There was a lot to do still, the sales page, the download pages, sales videos to create, they all needed to look good and sound good & the sales stuff had to be worded right so people would buy.  It’s a lot harder than you think.

Thankfully my coach did the sales page or else I’d still be doing it.  It’d probably look like a 5th grader did it too.  So, I took care of the other stuff with his help of course and kept on charging forward. 

It was close to launch day and I didn’t have the time to recruit affiliates, so what do you do in this case?  You push back the launch date my friend…push that baby back.

My new launch date was mid-December which was great, until I got a head cold and it eventually turned into pneumonia.  I guess I don’t know enough to take care of myself… (it must be the rhino in me HAHA).  Keep charging baby.

Time to pick a new launch date & we’re up against Christmas.  Instead of charging forward I settled on a January 6, 2018 launch date.  I figured it’s best not to stress out during the holidays…my wife had a lot to do with my decision.

There was plenty of time to do the recruiting now.  I sat back and enjoyed the holidays with the family and refueled.  I started the recruiting a week before the launch and it went well, I’m pleased.

9 am January 6th, 2018 came quickly and I was nervous as you might expect.  I didn’t know if people would buy the product or not, was the sales page good enough?  Was the report good enough?  Was I good enough to do this business?

I found out fairly quickly thank God!  At 9:21 am my phone dinged letting me know I got an email.  I checked it out and…I got my first sale!!!  Wahoo, that’s awesome! 

A few hours went by and my phone kept on dinging and dinging and dinging.  My wife made me turn the volume down, so she could think.  Pretty soon I knew I had a winner!!!

Life is definitely good in Dubeland now, my first launch is in the books and it was a success. 

Wow, can you believe it?  I found a need to fill in the market, created a product to fill that need, followed the direction of my coach, put my shoulder into the work & people actually bought it from me…

Time to get started on my second report…stay tuned.

My takeaways from this story are.

  1. I’m not too old to learn a new skill.
  2. It’s possible for me to create a product out of thin air if I work hard and put my shoulder into it.
  3. I’m grateful I have some Rhino in me.
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