The day started out like every other day…

I was cooking breakfast and my little guy Cooper (my dog) was doing his usual thing…

He was at my feet waiting for scraps to drop.

Well, he started hacking like he does sometimes when he gets something caught in his throat…

But this was a little different, his whole body was heaving while trying to get up a hair ball or something.

I was finished with cooking my breakfast so as usual I went to my office to get some work done.

Cooper followed me in the office as usual but I noticed he was a little sluggish and was walking kinda weird.

I didn’t think anything of it so he laid down and I fired up the computer for the day…

I no sooner got the computer turned on when I hear “Coop” hackin away again…

By this time he had walked into his crate and was just hacking again really bad…kinda scary.

So I said, “Coop” come over here to see big daddy.

He got up and wobbled over near my feet and then suddenly collapsed!!

He was still hacking away but was face down on the floor with all 4 paws spread out from under him.

Naturally this freaked me out so I called the Vet and they rushed us in, my wife met us there.

Cooper Face Down On The Vet Table

The Vet took us to the examination room right away and after a few minutes and some X-Rays she told us he needs an operation on his neck!!

I said well, hop to it…let’s get started.  I mean my little guy is in pain!

The Vet said well… you really need a specialist, so she sent us to an Emergency Veterinarian Hospital.

They have all the necessary equipment and surgeons that can get the job done…so off we go.  Luckily it was only a 20 minute drive.

They did their examination and checked the X-Rays and said that they consulted a Neuro Surgeon in Tampa because that’s really who he needs.

Luckily this Neuro Surgeon (Vet) was able to take us in an hour.

Well, we packed up “Coop” and beat feet over to the 3rd Vet for the day now in Tampa.  He still couldn’t stand or walk on his own.

We got there and they rushed us in to see the doctor, by this time my wife was in tears and my daughter was too.

We consulted with the surgeon and decided the best course of action was to do a myelogram and then surgery on whatever is causing the issue.

I don’t have doggie insurance so this was all coming out of my wallet.

They told me it would be between $4500.00 & $7500.00 depending on what they find.

The deposit for this endeavor was $5300.00…

I took care of that while they were taking care of my little guy “Coop”.

They told us they will give him steroids and pain meds to calm him down and get the swelling down before the procedure.

We left because the procedure wouldn’t be done for a few hours, but we can call and check on him at any time.

Well it turned out they did the myelogram and saw that he has a bulging disc and it pinched his nerve & that’s why he was unable to stand or walk.

They didn’t have to do surgery…Cooper has to rest and take his steroids and pain meds every 12 hours.

The bill was only $2,700.00 which is a pretty tidy sum but cheap considering it could’ve been $7,500.00

I mean they don’t take payments so if I wasn’t able to pay, Cooper would be a goner right now!!

Let me ask you a question…

If a tragedy were to happen to you or a loved one or even a pet…

Would you be in the same boat as me?

Would you be able to just stroke a check for say $7500.00 or even $2700.00?

The only reason I was able to write a check for my furry little guy is because I decided to start an online business a while back, that’s why I was able to save Cooper’s life.

Make no mistake, I haven’t arrived yet and you won’t see me posting a picture of my new Porsche any time soon.  I’m in the middle of my journey with this thing and money gets tight sometimes…but if I didn’t have this business my financial picture would look bleak.

Here are a few takeaways I learned from this stressful experience.

  1. Thank God I have my online business otherwise we may have had to put my little guy down!!
  2. It’s a cliche but our dog Cooper is really a big part of our family.
  3. Life & good health are precious, I don’t take them for granted when it comes to my health, my family’s health, or our dog’s health.

I’m curious…what are your takeaways from my little adventure with Cooper?  Feel free to comment below.

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Tony · October 26, 2017 at 2:08 pm

Good thing you had the cash, wow! What is your business? What are you selling?

    The Motivated IM Marketer · October 26, 2017 at 8:08 pm

    Thanks Tony, I sell information that helps Internet Marketers to make money. I’m working on one now so be on the look out sometime in November.

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